Control system

A modern and simple control system, which includes, for example, the following main functions:
- Logic control Omron PLC
- Simple touchscreen
- Finnish user interface
- Automatic, steplessly adjustable control of the fuel supply and combustion air
- GSM alarms
- Trend history
- Manual drive
- Sensors:
-- Boiler temperature (PT-100)
-- LAMBDA sensor
-- Flue-gas temperature (PT-100)
-- Ambient temperature
-- Flame control
-- Hydraulics pressure sensor
-- Ultrasonic level sensor of the feed hopper (wood chip)
-- Inductive limits (grate and intermediate tank hatch)
-- A vacuum transmitter (control of the flue gas aspirator)
Different levels of remote control:
- GSM alarm (standard)
- Remote control (PC or Android device)
- Control-room software
A user panel with touchscreen for the programming of all functions. There is the possibility for use via the Internet, using a secure connection.