Pull bar feeder

A chip storage’s bottom discharger equipped with hydraulic pushrod unloaders

The robust, bottom discharger made of steel is a reliable discharge system for fuel storage. The bottom discharger functions well with wood chips, peat, and other fuels and fuel mixtures alike. Strong hydraulically operated discharge rods will move the fuel efficiently, taking it to an uncloggable U-shaped conveyor screw which transports the fuel to the intermediate tank for dosage.To monitor rod movement, the control system uses a pressure transmitter for determining the optimal movement path for the rods. Due to their bottom reinforcement, the rods are extremely sturdy. The discharger edges have been tilted at a suitable angle, so that the fuel has space to move from the edges up, without becoming packed.
The bottom discharger can also be utilised in other transfer and feed requirements of solid materials (such as in the packing of cutter chips).
The robust-structured Palokärki feeder operates reliably

Feeder components:

A torqing and energy-efficient cylinder bevel gear motor

A tempered cutter of carbon steel and an equally strong screw blade

Strong hydraulically operated pushrod unloaders

Bottom discharger dimensions:

Item Lenght Width Bars Screw diameter
PP2x3 2000 mm 2900 mm 2 pcs Ø 195 mm
PP3x3 3000 mm 2900 mm 3 pcs Ø 195 / 270 mm*
PP3x5 3000 mm 4900 mm 3 pcs Ø 195 / 270 mm*
PP2x2,3 2000 mm 2300 mm (container) 2 pcs Ø 195 mm
* Ø 270 mm conveyor screw only by special order