Biofire Palokärki burner


In the Palokärki burners, the grate size has been dimensioned approx. 20% larger than the nominal power, and this ensures that the nominal power is also reached when burning fuel of a lower quality. Efficient burning is also performed by using a more humid fuel, because the grate is long and staggered, and this allows for the fuel pushed into the upper part of the grate from the rear edge of the burner to dry, before it is transferred into the actual combustion area.
  • Due to the large grate, nominal power is obtained, even with a fuel of poorer quality.
  • A long grate promotes the combustion of more humid fuel.
  • A burner can also be used to burn other fuels, such as pellets, grain and the husk waste created when drying grain, as a mixture with wood chips and/or peat.
  • Due to the steplessly adjustable flame, the system does not require an accumulator.
  • The burner is able to operate on extremely low power (2–10% power)
  • The burner can be equipped with an automatic ignition.
The fuel is pushed from the intermediate tank via the screw in the burner’s combustion end where combustion occurs. The design of the combustion end gasifies extremely well, due to a descending upper part, i.e., the roof, and the combustion air is forced to mix with the combustion gases. From the combustion end, the flame is led to the boiler’s convection.

Burner’s main components:

A strong staggered cast-iron grate
A strong hydraulically moving grate aggregate
Massive ceramic side and roof stones
Precise air distribution and energy-efficient combustion-air fans

Burner details:

Power Power range Surface area of the fire grate Feeder screw D Weight
60 kW 0*-70 kW 0,08 m2 124 mm 135 kg
80 kW 0*-100 kW 0,14 m2 145 mm 300 kg
120 kW 0*-140 kW 0,20 m2 145 mm 400 kg
150 kW 0*-170 kW 0,20 m2 145 mm 400 kg
200 kW 0*-260 kW 0,30 m2 195 mm 570 kg
300 kW 0*-370 kW 0,53 m2 195 mm 720 kg
500 kW 0*-600 kW 0,65 m2 195 mm 1200 kg
650 kW 0*-800 kW 0,79 m2 195 mm 1500 kg
700 kW 0*-900 kW 0,97 m2 2x195 mm 2000 kg
900 kW 0*-1100 kW 1,18 m2
2x195 mm 2500 kg
1000 kW 0*-1200 kW 1,45 m2 2x270 mm 2900 kg
1200 kW 0*-1300 kW 1,75 m2 2x270 mm 3500 kg
1500 kW 0*-1700 kW 2,04 m2 2x270 mm 4200 kg
2000 kW 0*-2500 kW 3,20 m2 2x270 mm 6700 kg
2500 kW 0*-3000 kW 3,57 m2 2x270 mm 8500 kg

0* – the burner must be equipped with an automatic ignition, because, otherwise, the minimum power is approximately 2–10% of the nominal power. The minimum power is affected by, for example, chimney draught and the fuel used.