Ash removal

The Palokärki systems always include automatic ash removal, which takes care of transferring the ash to the receptacle reserved for this purpose outside the building.

Dry-ash removal

Ash removal is performed as dry-ashing by using a screw conveyor which collects the ash:

- From under the grate

- From the fire chamber

- From the convection

- From the cyclone

Dry-ash removal
An ash container with a 10 m3 levelling screw
An ash receptacle with a 1 m3 front-loader adapter

Wet-ash removal

When the fuel used is, for example, crushed construction waste which includes nails, a so-called wet-ashing will be used. The ash is suspended in water and transferred to the ash receptacle by using drag-chain conveyors.
The drag-chain conveyor used in the collecting phase for the wet-ashing is located under the boiler. The ash flows into the water and is then transported to the ash container.
Wet-ash container with a levelling screw